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Timemore Vaccum Glass Canister

Your Favourite Glass Canister With Easy to Use Vacuum Seal

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    The Timemore Vacuum Glass Canister is the perfect home for your roasted coffee! 

    It features a tight seal lid with a double layer silicone design, which will keep your coffee as fresh as the day you first open up the bag.

    The newly improved and re-designed air extraction hole prevents dust from entering so you don't have to worry about foreign substance entering the jar when it is sealed. 

    The 800 mL can store about 250 g of coffee beans and the 1200 mL can store about 340 g of coffee beans. (Due to the different roast and coffee type, this capacity data is for reference only and might differ in practice.)

    *Freshly roasted coffee beans will emit carbon dioxide, resulting in increase of gas in the jar, it might cause the air extraction button to pop up. This is normal and if this happens, please repeatedly press the air extraction button to ensure it is sealed.* 

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    Tight seal lid with a double layer silicone design