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SSP Unimodal (Multi-Purpose) Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

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Compatible with Fellow Ode

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    Improve your grind quality and speed with this 64mm Red Speed Coated Flat Burrs from SSP. 

    SSP’s 64 mm flat burrs were made to last a lifetime. Comprised of tool steel material coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), you can expect these burrs to last through over 10,000 pounds of coffee before needing a new pair. 

    Although these burrs are able to grind all kinds of roasts, we feel that these flat burrs work best with the lighter roasts as it'll bring our the unique flavours and notes from the lighter roasts beans. 

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    oated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride