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SUBMINIMAL NanoFoamer V2 Lithium

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Enjoy barista-quality drinks whenever and wherever you want them!

  • Information sur le produit

    This ultra-powerful, rechargeable, handheld milk foamer makes premium cafe-quality microfoam milk for latte art at home. Perfect foam for your cappuccino, cafe latte, or flat white!

    Upgrades over the V1: 

    • Click-On NanoScreens: The new NanoScreens ditch the pressure fit system for a satisfying snap-fit, ensuring a far stronger hold on the impeller while simultaneously preventing buckling over time.
    • Replaceable Impeller: Replace the all-important impeller as anytime in the event your NanoFoamer takes an unfortunate tumble.
    • Upgraded Impeller Material: The impeller material is upgraded to Polycarbonate (still BPA free & FDA certified), making it more resistant to the stresses of the fast rotations in hot liquids.
    • Improved Waterproofing: Overall better seals on the closures and shaft.
    • Better Motor: The upgraded motor is more powerful, built to tighter tolerances, and more reliable.
    • Stainless Steel Housing: The motor housing is now made of real brushed stainless steel for a far more premium experience.
    • More Stable Shaft: Tighter tolerances deep inside the motor translate directly onto the shaft's stability. Spinning dead center is key to spinning fast and reducing vibrations.
    • On/Off Digital Switch: The upgraded button is a feather-light on/off switch, allowing you to focus on the foam while holding the NanoFoamer as lightly as a pencil.
    • Safety PCB: Auto shut off after ninety seconds to prevent the ultra-fast motor from overheating the housing.
    • New Battery Housing: The internal design is as beautiful as the outside, with the batteries fitting directly into the handle and connecting with premium spring-loaded contacts.
    • Reduced Vibrations: The new internal design is built to much tighter tolerances, keeping everything snug to reduce all vibrations from the handle.
    • All New Engineering: Better internal engineering with sonic welded components instead of snap-fitted parts.
    • Powerful Li-ion battery: A powerful 3.7V 1200Mah lithium-ion battery gives this product superpowers up to 14k RPM and very high torque.
    • Dual-speed: This NanoFoamer is so powerful, that we had to slow it down, so we built it with a multi-touch switch for selecting one of two speeds.
    • Battery Level Indicator: Four LEDs quickly show you when you should consider recharging.
    • USB Type C: USB-C is the connector of choice for all the best electronics on the market today, so you can recharge your NanoFoamer with any USB charger you already own.


    Package Contents: 

    • One NanoFoamer Lithium
    • One USB-C to USB-C cable
    • Two NanoScreens
    • One Protective Hood
    • One Adhesive Wall Mount
    • One User Manual
    • One Certificate of Authenticity
    • Access code for Latte Art Master Class

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