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    Cold brew at home made easy. 

    It is usually difficult and messy to prepare cold brew at home. With the Cold Brew Kit from Goat Story, it doesn't get any easier!

    The kit consists of a glass jar (1000 mL) with an airtight cover with a reusable filter attached. 

    Preparing cold brew at home in 4 easy steps:

    • STEP 1 - Pour coarse grind coffee (Rohi Cold Brew) into the reusable filter
    • STEP 2 - Pour cold water into the glass jar (Recommended Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:10 - 1:16)
    • STEP 3 - Leave for up to 12 h at room temperature or 24 h in the refrigerator.
    • STEP 4 - Your smooth and tasty cold brew is ready!


    Order with our Rohi Cold Brew Coffee (12 oz - Coarse Grind) or without

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    Coffee Gear

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    Goat Story

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    Reusable Filter, Air Tight Cover,