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    The Timemore Black Mirror Nano Scale is the new addition to the Timemore family. With a minimal and compact design, small enough to fit in your pockets, while keeping the same electronics as its bigger brother, this is a game changer. 

    This scale has 3 different modes: the espresso, the pour over and the regular mode. 

    In espresso mode, it tares automatically only when a cup is placed. It will start recording when it detects coffee following and stop once it's over and the data will flash on the angled display. 

    In pour over mode, put the coffee brewer on the scale and press on the timer button and a 3-second count down will start. The scale will start recording the time and weight when it detects coffee following and stops when it's over and the data will flash on the angled display. 

    In regular mode, quick press the timer button to start the timer and long press to tare. Quick press of the power button to tare and quick press of the flow rate button to show the flow rate during brewing. 

    The scale is powered by a lithium battery and and is rechargeable via a USB-C cable (included). 


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    0.23 kg

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    Coffee Gear

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  • Feature:

    High accuracy and response rate: 0.1 g accuracy

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