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Origami Dripper Air

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Lighter and Tougher Origami Dripper in AS Resin

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    This is a AS resin version of the popular Origami drippers, which is lighter and tougher than the porcelain version. 

    The ORIGAMI dripper was designed by the founder of Trunk Coffee in collaboration with Origami Japan. It features a beautiful and playful design with 20 ridges that optimizes the bloom and brew speed for maximum control.

    This S size dripper is suitable for 1-2 cups of pour over coffee. It fits the 2 cup Origami filters, size 01 Hario filters, 1-2 cup Kono filters, Kalita 155 filters, as well as other small conical filters. 

    * Dripper ONLY - DOES NOT COME WITH holder. There is currently no M size plastic Air dripper. Click here to purchase the holder!

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    optimizes the bloom and brew speed for maximum control