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    A melody to snuggle up to


    Unwind in an ultra-relaxed cafe atmosphere! Enjoy a sip of something special and some melodic tunes, and you'll be prepared for a chill session. The Music Notes sugar adds a unique flair to your days, meticulously crafted with meticulous size & thickness - a dashing black & white scheme for the hue. Not just for music aficionados, use the Music Notes sugar for get-togethers, presents & remembrances! Each pouch contains around 40.0 g of top-notch sugar from Japan.



  • Weight:

    0.04 kg

  • Product Type:

    Komahei Sugar

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  • Brand:

    Rohi Coffee

  • Feature:

    G clef, ♬: about 1.0g/grain ♯: about 0.8g/grain ♪: about 0.6g/grain

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