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Posted on August 16 2020, By: Geoff Lau


When it comes to Iced coffee- Frappuccino was invented by Starbucks in 1995 and until now, it is known as the ultimate teen drink! There are three very simple homemade versions of Starbucks’ famous blended Frappuccinos! They’re surprisingly easy to whip up at home!


  • Coffee (We recommend our Rohi Signature Blend)
  • Milk
  • Concentrated Milk
  • Vanilla, Caramel or Chocolate syrup (e.g. Monin)
  • Ice


Step 1: Prepare a strong coffee and cool it down. There is no exact recipe when it comes to brewing the coffee as it depends on how strong you like it. When I’m preparing the brewer for myself  I make a double-shot espresso.

Perfect Espresso recipe:

Coffee Beans: 18g (mid-roast 100% Arabica beans 87-90 SCA points)

  • Pressure: 12 bar
  • Brewing: 75ml of water passing 18g of freshly grounded beans in 35 seconds, giving 36ml of espresso

perfect espresso


Step 2: Pour the coffee concentrate into a blender, add 1 glass of ice, 200ml of milk, 2 tablespoons of concentrated milk, 1 shot (15ml) of Vanilla, caramel or chocolate syrup) and blend for 60 seconds on a high speed/turbo setting.

Step 3: Add whipped cream and anything else you love, make it yours!


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